Experience magical world of Shiver

photo taken by Rio Grassmyer

photo taken by Rio Grassmyer

photo by Rio Grassmyer

 Looking for a new series to read? A trilogy full of romance, suspense and werewolves?  Start off by reading Shiver the first book to the wolves of mercy falls trilogy written by Maggie Stiefvater and published by scholastic inc.  You’re bound to love it!

Grace is a down to earth girl who falls in love with Sam, a sensitive musician.  Sam, who is also a werewolf, can only be human during the warm summer months. When the weather turns cold, he becomes a wolf again.

       For years Grace has watched the wolves in the woods behind her home, particularly the yellow eyed wolf  “her wolf”.  Meanwhile, Sam (“her wolf”) watched back. When they finally meet  in person they’re willing to do whatever it takes to stay together. So, when Grace finds out that it’s Sam’s last year to be human she does whatever it takes to keep him warm and out of the cold.

As the story goes on new characters, Isabelle and her brother Jack are introduced, and Sam and Grace are threatened with a new challenge.  Once Isabelle finds out about the wolves through her brother, who is now a wolf, she goes to Grace wanting to know everything she knows about them.  When Jack discovers that Grace was bitten by wolves many years ago but never changed he thinks she can cure him so he will stay human.  To make sure she will tell him, Jack locks Sam in one of the many sheds outside in the cold behind his house.  Although, Grace doesn’t have  a cure she plays it out until she can get Jack isolated and find Sam before he turns into a wolf and loses him forever.

When Isabelle finds Sam freezing and fighting not to change, she rushes him to her house to get him warm again.  Once Grace arrives at Isabelle’s house for Sam the three of them figure out why Grace never changed, finding a possible cure for both Sam and Jack.  But when Grace and Sam get in a car accident, Sam is exposed to the cold and can’t hold on any longer.  He changes not knowing if he will ever be human again.  Will grace find Sam and give him the cure?  Would Sam and Jack even risk their own lives for the cure?  Most importantly will Grace and Sam ever be together again?

If you want answers to all these questions then find out by reading Shiver, and don’t miss out on Maggie’s breathtaking sequel Linger and her heart throbbing finale Forever.

If you’re interested in Shiver its only $9.99 at the bookstore.  It is also available in both paperback and hardcover.  Also, Shiver will be made into a movie in the near future!  Producers Bob Shaye and Michael Lynee have already bought the film rights for Shiver and are working in conjunction with Warner Brothers on the movie. The film is currently in pre-production.  Although, there is no release date yet, it is said to come out most likely in 2013.  This is definitely something to look forward to, if you read the book and find out you love it as much as I do.