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    Pretty in Pastel

 The long snowy days are starting to die down and the birds are chirping. That’s right, spring is on it’s way! This week’s blog is all about springtime fashions for the 2014 season.

 Spring makes people think bright and happy colors, unlike the dull of winter. It’s time to change that drab wardrobe with a little bit of spring fever. Before everyone goes crazy with all the stores putting out all the spring/summer clothes, here’s a couple tips how to get the perfect looks when shopping.

This spring’s theme is called ‘ Pretty in Pastel’ as seen on glamour.com. Go check it out! Their style ideas come straight from the runway! While that may be a little more expensive than your wallet can afford, there’s definitely a ton of stores in local malls that are inexpensive.

Pastel colors are light, yet elegant looking and match the spring scenery perfectly. From blush pinks to baby blues, any pastel color looks great.

A pair of light peach colored jeans with baby blue shoes and a light purple shirt may sound risky because of all the colors mixing but trust me, it works so good together.

Be different with the look, mix colors up. With pastel colors, it doesn’t matter what colors are put together, really, it all looks great in the outcome outfit. With all that being said, go bring on the spring season with some pastels.

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of #OOTW

picture by unbreakablestyle.tumblr.com
picture by unbreakablestyle.tumblr.com