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 After tons of great games released in 2013, it will be hard for 2014 to compete with the previous year, but with all the next-gen consoles released by now, companies will surely provide lots of great games, providing great sales and ratings for all the consoles, new or old generations. Today, the most anticipated games of 2014 will be discussed, with every console being included in the mix of eighth gen mayhem. The games being discussed today were recommended by fellow students and are sure to be great titles.


1. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (Wii U)

courtesy of http://dk-donkey-kong.deviantart.com/art/My-ID-191713210

Picture of Donkey Kong as how he will appear in his newest title.

 After a 14 year hiatus, the Donkey Kong Country series made a triumphant return on Wii with Donkey Kong Country Returns back in 2010. Originally plotted to come out last holiday season, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has been set to release date of February 21st, 2014. Tropical Freeze will be the first major title to hit stores this year, and excellently showcases the power of the Wii U hardware.

2. Watch_Dogs (Wii U, PC, XBONE, XB360, PS3, PS4)

courtesy of http://harrybana.deviantart.com/art/Watch-Dogs-v1-372063689

 Recommended by eighth grader Carter Steel, Watch_Dogs looks like a very action packed game. Made by the creators of Assassin’s Creed, gamers can expect a solid, fun filled game.


3. The Sims 4 (PC, PS4, XBONE)

Recommended by ninth grader Hailey Petite, The Sims 4 should be the best game to date. With new features and tons of next gen content, EA’s best selling simulator should fly off shelves in no time.


4. Super Smash Bros. 4* (Wii U, 3DS)

Recommended by ninth grader Tyler Stewart, Super Smash Bros. 4 looks like the game that could save the Wii U. Everyone’s favorite Nintendo characters are at it again, and this time third party characters such as Mega Man join the battle. Though it may be the fourth outing in the series, it’s sure to be a smash.


5. Yoshi’s New Island (3DS)

Fan art

courtesy of http://eto86.deviantart.com/art/yoshi-s-island-283479658

Not seeing a new game based on Yoshi himself in years, Yoshi’s New Island will come out this March. Being a cute but solid platformer, Yoshi will be sure to amaze 3DS owners who choose to purchase this game.

6. Destiny (PS3, XB360, PS4, XBONE)

From the creators of Halo comes a new thrilling FPS game. Though it may seem similar to Bungie’s most familiar franchise, Destiny is sure to inject new, fresh play elements not seen in any FPS’s before. The game is being developed by Bungie and published by Activision, and is seen to be released early September.

7. Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)
Recommended by Autumn Emeigh-Bellon, Mario Kart 8 looks like a title that could make or break the Wii U’s sales, at least for the first few months of 2014. Featuring 16 brand new tracks and 16 reborn in beautiful HD, Mario Kart 8 is sure to be a blast.


8. Zelda U* (Wii U)

After almost three decades of success and the extremely critically acclaimed Wind Waker HD  and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, there would be no reason not to expand the Zelda franchise. It will be the first original Zelda game to have HD graphics, and is supposively going to be a mammoth among the others in the series. Though Nintendo has not revealed an exact release date, many expect to see the title surface around November.


9. Titanfall (XBONE, XB360, PC)

courtesy of http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Titanfall_logo.png

Title for Titanfall

recommended by eighth grader Ryan Stauffer, Titanfall will be arriving on XBOX 360, XBOX One and PC later this year.


10. Kirby: Triple Deluxe (3DS)

Recommended by ninth grader Austin Lees, Kirby Triple Deluxe looks as though to be a great title. Already released in Japan, the title has shown stellar sales and shows no signs of slowing. Planned to be released late in North America this year, Kirby Triple Deluxe will feel similar to Kirby’s Return to Dreamland and will provide a great gameplay experience for all Kirby fans.


* Name not final