Teen Tips (How to Stay Within the Dress Code)

Teen Tips (How to Stay Within the Dress Code)

How to Stay Within the Dress Code

Dress codes are given to all of the students; whether all of the students choose to follow it is up to them.

Handfuls of kids get in trouble for not following the school dress code every day, but what some kids don’t realize is that it is enforced only to better the school as a whole.  Having a dress code prevents many phone calls coming to and from the office, concerning issues such as clothing itself.  A few examples of dress code rules would be things such as, the students are not allowed to wear yoga pants, leggings, gang related materials, ripped pants, see through shirts, nor wear any profanity, etc.

Those who choose not to obey the dress code are immediately punished and sent to the office when told so about it.  In order to stay within the dress code, then make good decisions and be sure to wear;

  • Shirts that cover shoulders

  • Jeans without any rips, tears, or slits in them

  • Shorts and skirts/ Dresses of the appropriate length (around knee length)

  • Shoes that have a back and cover toes

  • ID’s at all time

To avoid getting in trouble due to misconduct of the school dress code then be sure to follow the guidelines and wear appropriate clothing.  If and when second guessing on an outfit choice that may or may not be against the school dress code then ask a teacher, or counselor on what they think.  Don’t be one of those kids who goes against the dress code just to make a point, because in the end it will be just another call home, from the office.