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Back in 1985, a video game company named Rare Ltd. was founded. Nearly ten years later, the company needed a new platform for it to land its feet. That year, Nintendo decided to buy the company since it had access to 3D technologies many companies did not. They left one of their most dear arcade series in the company’s hands, leaving them with the responsibility to make a wonderful game to compete with the then thriving Sega Genesis. Little did any company know how different the gaming industry would be after the release of Donkey Kong Country, one of the most inspiring sidescroller ever released.

After two more Donkey Kong Country games and 7 years of great games, Rare left Nintendo for the higher paying Microsoft, leaving the Donkey Kong Country series to rust in the rain. Fast forward nine years from 2001, and newer developer Retro Studios stepped up to the plate to create a brand new Donkey Kong Country title. Now, just weeks ago, Retro released the fifth official game to the Donkey Kong Country series, and it goes by the name Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.


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+Catchy music

+Perfect platforming

-Doesn’t feel next-gen

-Multiplayer can be a hassle


Overall, Tropical Freeze is a work of beauty, and though it may not showcase the Wii U’s true power, it should be on any Nintendo or platforming fans shelf. The inclusion of several other characters such as Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong and a never before playable character Cranky Kong add significant new play styles which leave the player wanting more. The game itself got mainly positive reviews elsewhere, and follows up here with a 93/100. Anyone who considers themselves a platforming fan and doesn’t plan on owning this title should revoke themselves of that title.