Students need backpacks

Students need backpacks

Students should be able to carry backpacks throughout the day.  It would make the school days easier because the students could carry around their binders and books more easily.

Students should be able to carry backpacks in class.  With all the books and binders that students have to carry it can be very tiring.  It’s strenuous to carry three books and four binders from class to class.  If backpacks were allowed it would make students’ days easier.

Also students would be prepared for class more.  Most students accidentally leave their pencils and school supplies in their lockers but with backpacks they’d have these supplies.  Photo by: Jacob Long

Some teachers think that students will carry drugs and guns in them.  A solution is having backpack checks every day so there is a certainty of no guns or drugs or teachers could be more trusting because in this school there are many trustworthy students.

Another solution is clear backpacks.  If we had clear backpacks teachers and other students could see what they put in them.  It would also be cheaper to have clear backpacks rather than metal detectors and police officers checking them.

Backpacks should be allowed in classes throughout the school day because they make students less tired are less and students would be prepared for class.