Pets Gone Wild

Highlights a student’s pet every week

 For this issue of the Pets Gone Wild blog we have Tigger.  Tigger is a cat who belongs to seventh grader Allen Bardelang Jr.  He weighs between 15 and 25 pounds and is 14.5 inches tall.

The name Tigger comes from the show of Winnie The Pooh.

“Because of the print on his back and face, we decided to call him Tigger,” Bardelang said.

Cats are a good choice when it comes to getting a pet.  They are calm playful and usually not vicious.

“He is a good household pet because he is loving and he is fun to play with,” Bardelang said.

Since cats lick themselves to be clean those people who want cats or have cats do not need to clean them.  They also need a litter box to use the bathroom, and they don’t go outside on walks to use the bathroom.

“Since I have a cat I never need to wash it or walk it,” Bardelang said.

Something interesting about cats are that they are very quick and agile.  In this case not so much.

“When my cat jumped from the top of my steps and landed halfway down and rolled the rest of the way down,” Bardelang said.

Cats can be extremely playful as well.

“Tigger one day jumped on top of my sister and knocked her over,” Bardelang said.  “Then he layed on top of her.”