Teen Tips


Self-Expression for Teens

 Whenever it comes to self-expression, teens seem to often show off how they are feeling in their own unique ways.  Some take to it worse than others.  Either when they are sad, mad, happy, excited, depressed, overjoyed and etc., it always gets noticed by those around them.  Some teens take a route to show their self-expression such as getting tattoos, making drastic changes in their wardrobe, a new change in attitude and many more.

Some different good ways to show self-express is to do some of the following:

  • Drawing.  Drawing can help people get out there emotions in their artwork.

  • Write Poems.  Poems can be a creative way for someone to express how they are feeling while making it personal and interesting.

  • Tie Dye.  Tie Dying can be a fun thing to do with friends or family and it is also an easy way to show how that person is feeling creatively.

  • Write Stories. Writing stories about how someone is feeling is an excellent way to show off how they are feeling because they get to make a story exactly how they want to and they also get to express their feelings through the characters in the story.

  • Change up wardrobe styles for the better. Changing wardrobe can be a big or small change considering on how the person is feeling, but a more beneficial way to show self-expression would be to better it and get good vibes from those around the negativity to enlighten the situation.

There are many ways for someone to show their self-expression.  Some are good and some are bad.  To get rid of the bad emotions that someone has try to do the following to express their emotions as best as possible without completely hopping on the wrong track to a road for recovery.