Pro is the way to go


Catcher. That’s who this week’s blog is about. Yadier Molina is an elite catcher for the St. Louis Cardinals. Molina is a really good player and is a good role model for any catcher, young and old alike.


Molina, with 10 years experience, has been a catcher and first baseman every year he has played. He joined the team in 2004 as a catcher and began to alternate between catching and first base in the years after.


Molina was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. He never went to college, and joined the MLB right out of high school. He went to Escuela Superior Maestro Ladi High School in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico. Molina has always played with the Cardinals.


In his career, he has thrown 236 people out stealing. That is a .445 percentage, which is very good percent. He has to be one of the most elite catchers, if not of all players. Molina should most definitely be on everybody’s top five players list.