Seventh grade track prepares for upcoming track meet

Track is new to seventh graders. This year, many seventh graders joined track. Track is a sport that consists of athletes that can either run, jump, or throw.

When an athlete is running, he or she is either in hurdles, sprints, relays, or distance. When competing in hurdles, there are the 100 meter hurdles, the 300 hurdles and some guys do 110 meters. When competing in sprints, there is the 100 meter dash. When competing in relays there are the four by one, four by four, and four by sixteen. This means that four people either run 100 meters each, 400 meters each, or 1600 meters each. When competing in sprints, there is a 1600 or a 3200. A 1600 is one mile and a 3200 is two miles.

When the athlete is jumping, he or she either pole vaults, high jumps, long jumps, or triple jumps. In pole vault, the athlete uses a long, flexible pole as an aid to jump over a bar. When the athlete competes in high jump, he/she takes a running start and jumps over a horizontal bar that is places a a certain height. When competing in long jump, the athlete takes a running start and jumps into a sand pit, trying to jump their farthest. When competing in triple jump, the athlete takes a running start and takes three big steps then jumps into a sand pit.

When the athlete is throwing, he or she is either throwing a discus or a shot put. When throwing a discus, the athlete stands inside a throwing circle, turns around one and a half times and throws the discus as far as he or she can. When competing in shot put, the athlete stands inside a circle, holding the shot and holding it on his or her shoulder. Then the athlete hops, crouches and then jumps up and pushes the shot into the air. The judge measures the distance from the circle to where the shot lands.

Seventh grader, Bridget Fox practices her triple jump. This means that before she jumps into the sand, she takes three big steps then on the third jump, she jumps into the sand pit. Photo by Hanna Feathers



Seventh grader, AJ Thompson practices his throwing. This means that he throws a shot put and sees how far it goes. A shot is a metal ball.
Photo by Hanna Feathers
Seventh grader, Marissa Espisito practices in the 100 meter hurdles. This means she jumps over hurdles down 100 meters on the track.
Photo by Hanna Feathers
Seventh grader, Carson Weynat practices passing the baton to seventh grade, Gaige Reed. The boys compete in a four by eight relay. This means that during a track meet, there are four people and each person runs two laps around the track then passes the baton after they finish their run.
Photo by Hanna Feathers
Seventh grader, Olivia Hudson gets in ready position to take off for her 400 meter dash. She practices pushing off the ground to go faster.
Photo by Hanna Feathers