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Since 2006 with the release of Yoshi’s Island DS, no games featuring Yoshi have been released. Even though 2013 had tons of great games for the 3DS, Nintendo knew they would still need to expand their library with even more great games. After about a month draught, Nintendo released Yoshi’s New Island in America and Europe, hoping to up sales of their slowly aging handheld. Though it did little for the 3DS and less for itself (at least in the West) Yoshi’s New Island isn’t a complete wreck. It is no lie that there are other, more desirable platformers available for the handheld, but Yoshi’s New Island is a must buy for fans of the classic title for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or those who like the simplicity and childishness of this short but pleasing platformer.

courtesy of http://eto86.deviantart.com/art/yoshi-s-island-283479658


+ Feels original

+ Cute, creative level design

– Short

– No online capabilities

– Irritating music

Overall, there are no major problems present in this title. Though the music may drive gamers crazy if listening for too long and the game has little replay value, there is no reason not to get this game if you own a 3DS and got all the great games from last year. Platforming fans and the gamers who played the original will have fun exploring this childish but inventive world. Though ratings may not have been as high as other, Universal Gaming is giving it a 76/100.