School newspaper benefits students

School newspaper benefits students

When a student needs to find out information quickly and easy, then the school newspaper is the place to go for information about the school and upcoming events.

Not only does the school newspaper give information for the students to rely on for the year, but it also gives different poll questions and gets input from students. The students have the chance to get on and comment and give their input on any blog, column or editorial that they please.

There are also plenty of photo albums that cover a wide range of different events and school programs that happen throughout the year.  The are a variety of blogs to suit a wide range of interests and lots of stories that cover a wide range of students and teachers opinions in conducted interviews.

The students get a chance to win prizes and comment on any material on the website. The prizes that they can win vary from mass amounts of lion loot to a variety of gift cards.  Having the opportunity to share the students opinions on the school website is a good way to show diversity.

The school website is very beneficial to the students in many ways.  Students would not only enjoy this site when bored but would benefit from it by learning new things about their school and student body.