Audiences flock to God’s Not Dead

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Gods Not Dead
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Gods Not Dead is a movie that blew people’s minds because of how popular it became.  Over 600 movie theaters showed this movie all of the country.  This movie is about a college freshman that took a philosophy class with a professor that was an Atheist.

 At the beginning, Professor Radisson asked everyone to write down on a piece of paper the words “God’s Dead”.  If someone were to not write down those words, those students had to defend their reasoning.  They would have 20 minutes at the end of each lecture to give their reasoning.  Only one student named Josh Wheaton refused to write the words “Gods Not Dead”.  Everyone was completely against what he was about to do.  His girlfriend that he met six years ago broke up with him because she believed he was being selfish.

This movie teaches people many different things about God.  The movie said that he is good all the time.  In the movie there is this line that the Pastor of the church and the missionary said all the time when something bad happened.  The line was “God’s good all the time, and all the time God is good.”  They knew that God would get them through it.

This movie is a must see.  For three weeks this movie has been in theaters.  It is the third top movie recently and it hasn’t lowered its rate and probably won’t lower the rate.  Go and see this movie!  It’s a life changer.