Standardized tests hurt America’s educational image

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Though there are hardships, school is meant to be a fun place to look back on and remember the good times. Obviously, tests and quizzes are required, but why must American students take standardized tests?

 These tests are meant to show how well a student can do but prove nothing since most students, in reality, put absolutely no effort into them. Being extremely tedious, irrelevant and stressful, standardized tests take up lots of valuable time, literally days and are seemingly pointless to take.

According to The Atlantic , Finland has one of the highest rated education programs in the world. It is quite obvious that America needs their education boosted, and the land of the free could learn a thing or two from Finland. Not only do factors like an hour of recess everyday for kids and teachers pay being extremely high help motivate students and teachers, they have no standardized testing. This way of learning helps students care more about school and take it more seriously during their academic career.

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With all the facts right there, it is hard to deny that standardized tests do hurt America’s school system. Without them, a much better reflection of students would be visible and other countries could not make fun of America for using this method of teaching. It is highly unlikely standardized tests will ever be cut out of the schools but if America wants to be higher with grades, they better get rid of standardized tests. There is proof that countries without standardized tests thrive off of grades, so if America wants to up their education image, standardized tests must be gotten rid of.