Clubs benefit students


Clubs can benefit students in many ways. Photo courtesy of Lynsey Davis.

Clubs in schools can help students express their creativity and be themselves. It gives them a way to stand out from the crowd and be unique.

 Clubs are an important balance in school. It can be how students make friends and stand out, or how they learn many new things. People usually like clubs because they can express themselves. There are many clubs to join at school. Below there is a list of clubs to join!

There are school bands, orchestras and choirs at the school. These can count as different clubs. These clubs help the musically inclined students with expressing themselves with different music sources. This can include instruments or their vocals.

Another club that can benefit students is the school’s newspaper. The newspaper can be a great source of information about what is going on in the school, upcoming events, dances and stories that will intrigue the students into reading it.

A new club at many schools across the nation is the Aevidum program. This club is supposed to help the students feel a sense of belonging. It is supposed to make them feel like someone has their back, which is also their slogan for the club: Aevidum: I’ve Got Your Back. The club is used to help students with the problems that they face in school or even at home.

The anime club can help students with meeting people with the same interests that they have. This can be with different animes, different ideas and many other things.

 Circle of friends can be a great experience for many people. It can help people with learning disabilities make friends and feel like they are welcome.

New clubs at school can benefit all of the different cliques. It can help people become more social or to feel safe. New clubs are always a great addition to the school environment!