Paws and Claws: Everything about pets

The Flemish Giant named Jerry poses to get his picture taken. Photo by Trent Marra

We all remember being little and going to the pet store.

“I want the bird! I want the guinea pig! I want the rabbit!”

Ah yes, rabbits. Every little kid will sooner or later ask for one. Sure there are many types, but have you ever heard of a Flemish Giant? Trent Marra has a rabbit which is a Flemish Giant. His name is Jerry.

Every pet comes with responsibilities such as feeding and also giving it attention. Not to mention the other precautions people should take when caring for the Flemish Giant. The rabbits take in a large food consumption and produce a lot of waste. The rabbits should be out of direct sunlight, and protected from weather and extreme temperatures.  The Flemish Giant requires extra care considering its large size. It is recommended that you keep them in a small dog crate because they wouldn’t fit in a normal rabbit cage.

“I take him for walks on a harness, and he eats timothy hay and rabbit food,” Marra said.

Animals all do funny things too, such as cats climbing up curtains or dogs chasing their tails. Jerry jumps up high and spins around.

Whoops, I almost forgot to mention the bad side of Jerry.

“One time, Jerry ate a hole in the dry wall,” Marra said.

Also, apart from eating drywall, Jerry is the size of a dog. This comes as a difficult thing when handling the rabbits because of their fragile spine due to their massive size. When handled incorrectly they become fearful and violent.

“He lays next to our dog on the floor,” Marra said.

Marra bought Jerry about two and a half years ago.

“I couldn’t live without him,” Marra said.

Most pet stores don’t sell Flemish Giants because they are a handful to take care of. Perhaps you’ll be calling up a breeder this week to adopt your very own!