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 There are three words to perfectly describe this game. Broken, stupid and aimless. Good thing that is the point of Goat Simulator and the developers let everyone know what they were getting into. Selling for only $10, this game has been a smash hit since release. Sales numbers have been relatively high, and with the creators behind the game, CoffeeStain Studios, working on new maps and a multiplayer, sales should skyrocket soon.




+ Hilarious

+ Enjoyable

– Limited Play Options

– Multiplayer Very Limited

– Unreasonable Price

Though this game may have no point, it is nice to get a dumb game like this once in a while. Showing off absolutely nothing special, other than being a goat, Goat Simulator is a must have for all Steam users. The game receives a 70/100 here. Don’t let the low ratings scare you from getting this game though. It will provide hours of fun once the new maps are out and multiplayer launched.

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