Diversity club benefits all students involved


Diversity club is a great experience for students to attend and learn while making new friends.

 Diversity is an amazing opportunity to go and learn about people and their differences, while making new friends.  It gives students the opportunity to ask questions about things they never knew about as well as learn new things they never even heard of.

 If a student is willing to attend three meetings out of the whole year, then at the end of the year they will get the opportunity to go on a free field trip during a school day to Washington D.C.  In Washington D.C. the diversity members explore and walk around to many monuments such as the Abraham Monument, Martin Luther King Memorial, WWII Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial and others that are surrounding.  They also get a glimpse of the White House as well as have the opportunity to go to the world wide Holocaust museum.

A few of the kids that went on the field trip had some great experiences and enjoyed their time with friends while learning about diversity and getting the chance to walk around and view some of the famous monuments and memorials there.  Two seventh grade boys who attended the trip were Devin Henry and Kaleb Deterline.  Both had a great time and shared their experiences.

“My favorite part of the trip was getting to visit the Holocaust museum, because it was really interesting to see what happened and be face to face with a lot of things back from that time period,” Deterline said. “My favorite monument by far was the Roosevelt Monument, because it had the most in my opinion to see and learn from.”

Henry’s favorite monument was the Abraham Monument, because “…it was just cool to see in person and not just in the movies.”

Henry said that he would join diversity again next year as well as mention it to other students.

A big part of the field trip was to see the Holocaust Museum, and it surely was Henry’s favorite part.

“Although the museum was really sad, it was my favorite part because it is a topic that we have been talking about and learning about so it is just miec to be able to be face to face with the information instead of reading it out of a book,” Henry said.

The field trip was a success as well as a great opportunity to get direct learning with the educational monuments and memorials to there.  Join the diversity club next year to not only learn about diversity, but also to get questions answered and an opportunity to go to Washington D.C. to tour and view monuments, memorials and a world wide known museum.

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