Ninth grade class deserves field trip

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Most high schools-and junior highs-usually plan trips for the end of the year since it is their last year at the school. Almost every school does this, but there is none for the ninth graders here. There are many trips for those involved in activities, but shouldn’t everyone have a fun trip to end their final year with a bang?

Just because some kids don’t have musical or physical talents shouldn’t limit them from participating in a field trip. The trip wouldn’t have to be too big or too costly, just a nice day at Hershey or Kennywood could benefit all students and faculty. It would be a fun day to end the three year journey at AAJHS. It could happen during a school day or weekend, and teachers who wished to could be chaperones for the busy buses and park. There would have to be limits, too. In order for a student to go they would have to maintain grades, have little to no disciplinary problems and have a good attendance record.

Ninth grade should be the most memorable year in the junior high, and a trip would help better burn it into your memory. Yes, the social, sweethearts and lots of other fun activities occur, but there needs to be a field trip for everyone.


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