Online schooling causes problems

Online schooling causes problems

There have been many complaints about make up days at the end of the year. Some argue that students should not be punished because of the weather while others believe that students should go on Saturdays, like some schools in Pittsburgh have done. A new idea is that students can do online schooling to make up for their school days. They are doing this at Bishop Guilfoyle,  as well as many other schools on the east coast. This could be more of a problem rather than a solution.

Many times students do not have access to computers or internet at home. If students cannot access the internet and are expected to complete hours of schooling online, there is no way they will be able to complete their work. Students who do not have internet or a computer should not have to worry about this.

Another issue concerning online school make up is many times students have trouble using the computer. Often adults think that every kid knows how to use the computer. Some people that have never had access to computer, would never know how to download the software to complete their schooling. Also many times computers have issues that won’t allow certain websites or do not allow users to download software.

The major problem with online schooling is that it is hard for some students to learn using computers. If students wanted to complete school work online, they would enroll in cyber school. Many students have issues learning online. There are many distractions using computers to learn. Many people need a teacher to help them stay focused. Students with ADHD or ADD would never be able to learn using an online program. A computer program could never keep kid’s attention long enough for them to learn anything. Some students though prefer learning online.

 “Using the computer to do online school is too boring, I would not be able to memorize anything that I learned,” ninth grader  Alyssa Bathurst said. “I definitely learn better in the classroom, you can’t have the whole learning experience on the computer.”

 As Bathurst says, learning online doesn’t give students the proper education that they need. Students that attend public school should never have to complete their work online. Some students however would rather complete online school rather than making up the extra few days at the end of the year.

 “I would rather learn on the computer, I can look things up online if I’m stuck, and it is easier for me to read then listen,” ninth grader Colin Brant said.

As Brant says that he could look up things online if he’s stuck, this could be another major problem. If students are rushing to get their schooling done, they can easily just open a new tab and google the answer. If students are turning to Google for their answers they will not learn anything. Also, some information on the internet is not accurate. Students who seek help completing their work on Google and receive wrong answers will be learning incorrect facts.

At the end of the year students have make up days. Many people complain about these extra days tacked on to the end of the school year but they should be thankful that students do not have to make up these days online.