A new craft for 2015 is called a memory jar. Many people have done these years before this, but now is the time to start one yourself! This is just a regular mason jar filled with the best things of the new year. It can be kept until the end of 2015, filling it with small pieces of paper that state the best things that have happened. In early 2016, the end result is a list of the most amazing things that have happened in 2015, a list of memories to cherish forever.


Supplies needed:

-jar (Usually, a clear jar is used for this project, something like a mason jar.)

These are all suggested items to use to get the perfect design for the outside of the jar.

-craft paper






-Any supplies that can be found around the house also help make the jar interesting!

 Once the jar is picked out, get creative! This is the fun part, so take all the time needed to decorate the jar as desired. This may take a couple tries to get exactly how it is desired , but in the long run it’s worth it, because this will be seen, and maybe used, all 365 days of the year.

 After the project is done, place this jar in a room, and don’t forget about it! As fun, or exciting things happen, remember to take a post-it note, or just a plain piece of paper, and write down memories that should be remembered. Put these in the diy jar, and keep adding more. Open on New Years, or give this as a gift to show a friend how many memories were gained in one year.

There are so many different ideas that have been made with decorating a simple jar. Everything from filling the jar with positive quotes, to filling the jar with love messages to give to someone who is greatly cared about So get creative with this simple DIY!