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April 30, 2015

This weeks DIY is for those summer nights where everyone is together, and there is nothing to do. This project is glow in the dark chalk! It may seem a little childish, but it can make for good memories when everyone acts like...

Mackenzie Detwiler recently traveled to TwirlMania for majorettes

What’s going on?

February 26, 2015


January 30, 2015

A new craft for 2015 is called a memory jar. Many people have done these years before this, but now is the time to start one yourself! This is just a regular mason jar filled with the best things of the new year. It can be kept...


January 23, 2015

A simple idea to make fun and creative school supplies is to make erasers! This project only takes about 20 minutes to make the eraser and cook the erasers. The end result is really cool and works like an actual eraser. Supplies...


January 9, 2015

Galaxy Converse Supplies needed: canvas shoes preferably white or black acrylic or fabric paint in black, white, blue, and purple sponge or sponge brush old toothbrush painters tape   The first step to start off t...

Teen Tips

May 30, 2014