Teen Tips (How to Keep Someones Word)


Keeping Someones word is a big deal when it comes to trust and reliability between friends and even peers.

Keeping someones word can be as simple as promising parents that grades will improve to keeping a friend’s deepest secret.  Whenever someone gives their word on something then it usually is kept strictly between the two people, and it also gives a feeling of relief and trust.  Sometimes it may be a hard to give someone your word but in the end it is something only the people in the situation can decide.

Whenever it comes to keeping someone’s word there are few things that need to be done. One is to be sure to follow through with it.  If someone who is involved, had their trust into someone else and is let down than it gives off a bad vibe for that friendship and could possibly ruin it.

Second, whenever they say don’t tell anyone else, then don’t tell anyone else.  Whether a strict privacy issue or just a little secret a friend wants to remain a secret than respect that and keep it as it is… a secret.  Whenever the time comes, then the friend will have more respect and trust towards the one who kept their word and get to understand and get along with them better in the end.

Keeping someone’s word can be a easy thing to do as long as both of the people in the situation remain true to each other by keeping the trust between them sacred and having a sense of reliability in the end with their friends.

 how to keep someones word