This weeks DIY is for those summer nights where everyone is together, and there is nothing to do. This project is glow in the dark chalk! It may seem a little childish, but it can make for good memories when everyone acts like a little kid again!


Supplies needed:

-plaster of Paris (Also referred to as Plaster Paris, can found at a hardware store for about $4.99 in a small canister.)

-glow in the dark paint (This can be found at craft stores, hardware stores, ect. The price ranging from $5.30-$10.20)


-ice cube tray (Any small storing container can be used.)

-mixing bowl

-cooking spray



To start off, grab the bowl that will be used to mix the ingredients. Fill the bowl a quarter of the way up with water. The paint needs to be added to the water, only a small amount is needed for it to glow. Once the paint has dissolved in the water, it should give off a vibrant glow.

Now, the Plaster of Paris needs to be added to the mixture. Add in small bits till the desired consistency is reached. The mixture should be thick, yet still a little wet.

After that is accomplished, grab the ice cube tray or small container and the spoon. Add a small amount of cooking spray to the container that is being used, this ensures nothing will stick to the container. The spoon will be used to take the mixture and move it to the small container.

Pack as much as possible into the small container, this helps hold shape, and consistency. Let dry for as long as possible, 12 hours is recommended.

This is really cool, if done correctly! Fun times with friends is the end result for this diy!