Red Robin set to come to Altoona

These are the results of a poll taken by students. The results show what restaurant people want in Altoona, PA.

These are the results of a poll taken by students. The results show what restaurant people want in Altoona, PA.

In early 2016 a new franchise will be opening in Altoona. This new place to eat will be located in an all new building located in the Park Hills Plaza. It will take the spot of the old Ponderosa. The new joint will have delicious burgers, bottomless fries and of course, the tower of onion rings. They also have their own merchandise not just burgers.The new restaurant that will be coming to Altoona? Only the long awaited Red Robin.

This establishment has over 400 restaurants in North America at this time. They like to pride themselves on their food, like any restaurant, but also their work outside of the restaurant business. Unbridled Acts is something along the lines of random acts of kindness. These can range anything from helping someone inside the building, to going through the trash to look for a lost credit card. They also like to help out the community by partnering with local schools and charities to help with fundraisers. The multimillion dollar food chain also is teamed up with several organizations like Alex’s Lemonade Foundation, Special Olympics, and even their own Red Robin Foundation.

 The following website can be used to look at the menu for the new restaurant set to be open from 11am-10pm Sunday-Thursday, while being open 11am-11pm(a full 12 hours!) Friday-Saturday.

Altoona has gotten many popular restaurants going across the years. Places like Bob Evans and SubZero are newer to the area. Many are upset about the kind of restaurants opening claiming: “I don’t really care about Red Robin. There’s a lot of restaurants to go to already. I’ll be waiting for some new, better restaurants to open,” said ninth grader, Chase Wade.

When asked about what new restaurant kids would like to come to Altoona many did not say Red Robin.

“I really want an Ihop because Ihop is new, and a pancake place is different than what we have here,” ninth grader Michaela Maidl said.

“Steak and Shake or In’n Out. Two great food chains with good food at a good price,” Wade said.

The first Red Robin was opened in Colorado in 1969, and they will finally be coming to the small town with only 46,000 people in the upcoming year, but will it go over with the people of Altoona?