Teen Tips


How to connect with others

Connecting with others is not only a new way to make friends but also  a way to learn about other people and creating new relationships.  A main reason why people don’t like to connect with others or are too scared to is because they are nervous and don’t want to have to deal with the feeling of rejection.  Don’t worry!  The other person probably feels the exact same way!  Easy ways to connect with people are shown below…

  • Just say “Hey, hi or hello” first…  Saying it first will break the feeling of being nervous and or feeling frightened at the response.

  • Talk about the things they like as well as ask many questions to get the conversation rolling.

  • See the signs.  If there is someone that is coming off in a weird way then stop talking to them.  Being safe is better than being sorry.

  • Get to know the person.  Asking questions and getting to know the person is a great way to break the ice and open up to way more opportunities for that person to offer in a good friendship.

Sometimes connecting with people is the best way to make new friends and start new relationships.  Don’t be scared to reach out and connect with different people because  odds are that they are just as scared and nervous.

pic for news Photo by: Paige Elbert