Galaxy Converse

Supplies needed:

  • canvas shoes preferably white or black
  • acrylic or fabric paint in black, white, blue, and purple
  • sponge or sponge brush
  • old toothbrush
  • painters tape


The first step to start off this fun project is to tape off a pair of canvas shoes.Usually, the sole of the shoe, and the rubber toe are the parts that need taped off. This avoids any paint getting on the rubber part of the shoe, so it can maintain its white color through the painting process needed  to make shoes. When you tape off the shoes, also unlace the laces and put the laces aside for now.

To start off the painting portion of this project, cover a shoe fully with the blue paint. Cover all the sides, remembering to paint up to the taped off parts too. Don’t paint too dark though, this can ruin the overall galaxy effect. Paint the other shoe now too, try and match the color of the other shoe so they remain to look like a pair. After both shoes are fully covered in a light blue color, start adding other colors, one shoe at a time. A technique that has seemed to work is to paint as though it’s a  “cloud,” add  more color in the middle with a  fading effect as the color grows larger on the shoe. An effect that can also help is to use a sponge to put the paint on the shoe. This gives it a very different effect and helps spread the color on the shoe.

After you finish repeating those steps with each color on both shoes, the end is near. Let the shoes dry overnight, or wait long enough util the paint has dried. Take the tape off the shoes, and check to make sure you haven’t accidentally put color on the white, rubber part of the shoe. If you have done this, apply some of the left over white paint to that part of the shoe. This should cover the other color and help take the sole to its regular white color. Finally, lace the shoes back up. That’s all it takes to get some really interesting shoes! These will definitely be a show stopper wherever you go!