Teen Tips (How to Overcome Being Influenced)


Being brainwashed or under influence is a hard state to get out of.  So follow the tips below to help overcome it.

 Everybody has experienced or have seen someone being influenced by alcohol or some type of other substance or drug.  How did they overcome it?  Did they ever?  Teens especially experience this now a days due to the fact that they are more exposed to that environment.  They can avoid this by doing the following:

  • Block yourself from the trouble-makers.  If there is a certain group at school where all of the kids who don’t have a good reputation go and get in trouble, then try to avoid that particular group.

  • Say no to any troubled situation.  Whether it is things such as drugs and alcohol or pulling rude pranks and stunts.

  • Always think about what is good or bad before doing it.  If someone has to second guess something or fear that they may be doing wrong then stop.  Don’t do it and take the safe way out.

  • Talk to a parent or teacher.   If the situation is completely out of control then bring in the advice from a teacher or parent. They can help and try to fix the problem.

Being under influence can affect many social aspects of a person life. It can affect their grades, friendships, reputations etc.  If someone ever tries to influence someone into thinking something good that isn’t then take control of the situation and help the person going through everything get over it.  It can be a quick and easy process if the tips above were taken into consideration.