Social speeds this way


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The social is May 30 from seven to 9:30. There will be a photographer from Provine studios. There will be a photo booth with props for student photos. The voting for the past couple of years was done by voting from the ninth grade committee.

“We switched the voting a few years ago from the ballots because of time restraints,” Stephanie McAlear said.

This was the first year the whole ninth grade didn’t vote by ballot. The theme voted for was black and bling.

“Though the theme is black and bling the students don’t have to match their outfits with the theme,” McAlear said.

When the tickets will be passed out Provine Studios picture envelopes will be passed out with them so if students want photos they can order them.

“They will probably be stapled to the tickets,” McAlear said.

The dance will be in gym A, the gym with the track, and will have snacks and drinks outside the gym in the lobby.

The social dance does not require a date to go. A group of friends could go instead of going with a date.