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in courtesy of commons

in courtesy of commons

Heroclix online is a virtual board game of the game Heroclix.

in courtesy of commons

This game is a great online version of Heroclix.  In this game the player must strategize the game, pick the correct clix, and have different powers that each clix has.

To start, this game is all about strategy.  The player needs to know what his plan is for the game.  There must be some kind of idea for the team.  Recently, I played a game with a lot of people that can attack from range for a lot of damage or attack multiple times.  There are many different teams the player can make based on different things.  Some teams are made to attack and then leave again.  The player wants to make a team with the same interests, such as attacking from far or attacking with a lot of damage.  I find more success in keeping the teams alike.

Next, each clix are different and the player needs to pick the correct one.  The player needs to pick the right clix for a reason.  In certain events the player is only allowed to use a certain number of points.  Each clix has a number of points written on the side, and the player must use that amount or less.  Some clix have a lot of points but are really good. There are also some that are low points and are not so good.  The player must pick the correct clix for what the player needs.

Last, there are multiple different powers that clix can have.  For example,  there are powers such as telekinesis, running shot, and charge.  Telekinesis allows the player to teleport a different character to a square each person can see.  This can help when players need to move a character a large amount of squares.  There is running shot, which allows the player to run half its speed and then make a ranged attack.  Charge allows the player to move half its speed and then attack with close combat.

This game is really fun and I give it a 4 out of 5 stars.  I love this game and it is definitely worth trying.  With any computer game there will be glitches, so this game may have some problems but nothing major.