We call the shots

The blog that tells you the qualities found in a good photo.

When taking a good photo it is important to capture emotion, and when emotion is not able to be captured it is also important to have a clear focus. Any photo can be improved by adding photography elements such as repetition and angle. All of the following photos were taken at the teacher of the month ice cream celebration, hosted by Allied Milk Producers.

We scream for ice cream! Eighth grade teacher Jennyfer Wilson won teacher of the month from Wally 103.9. To celebrate Allied Milk Producers paid for an ice cream party.
Way to go! Eighth grade reading teacher Jenny Wilson gets chocolate syrup on her vanilla ice cream while she waits in line. Wilson won Teacher of the Month and was nominated by her student Kyra Young.
Saucy! Students in eighth grade teacher Jennyfer Wilson’s homeroom were treated to an ice cream party in celebration of Wilson winning teacher of the month. The teacher of the month competition is sponsored by the Allied Milk Producers and hosted by Wally 103.9.
Whip it up! One of eighth grade teacher Jennyfer Wilson’s students Kaelab Ruggles got many topping on his ice cream. Wilson was nominated for Teacher of the month by her homeroom student Kyra Young.

Paige Glasgow

Watch me whip! A student asks for a mountain of whipped cream on top of their vanilla ice cream. Many different toppings were available, such as chocolate syrup, cherries and sprinkles.

Paige Glasgow