Students attend Sweetheart’s Dance

Strike a Pose! Alex Daversa and Chloe Fisher cuddle up for a picture at The Sweethearts Dance.

Lydia Newman

Strike a Pose! Alex Daversa and Chloe Fisher cuddle up for a picture at The Sweetheart’s Dance.

Lydia Newman

The Sweetheart’s Dance took place on Feb. 24 in the A-gym from 7-9 p.m. An estimated 250 people attended the dance and approximately $1250 was made. The money made is going to the budget used to pay for things like the DJ and refreshments, as well as decorations and such for the Ninth Grade Social that takes place in May.

The Sweetheart’s Dance has been an event here since the school was built and every year has become a popular topic throughout the ninth grade. Despite the name, students did not need a date to attend.

“I would say, probably more ninth graders go as a group than with a date, and they usually end up standing with their friends anyway,” ninth grade committee adviser Julie Gardner said.

The dance is seen as a way to let students have fun with their friends in a safe environment. The ninth grade committee advisers discourage students from purchasing corsages and renting limousines as a way to keep students from spending too much money on the dance.

“We don’t want kids to feel pressured to spend a lot of money plus, once they hit tenth grade and go to prom, they’ll be able to have all that stuff anyways,” Gardner said.

Many students that attended the dance claimed the dance wasn’t what they had expected but they still had fun.

“I wish there had been more people dancing and stuff, but it was still a really good time,” ninth grader Lydia Shaffer said.

The Sweetheart’s Dance will continue for many years to come.

“I’m can’t wait to go to Sweetheart’s next year,” eighth grader Caley Galarneau said.