School responds to threat


Lydia Newman

On Friday March, 24. 2017 at 10:45 a.m. a bomb threat was found in one of the bathrooms. Administrators immediately took action by calling a school wide lock down. After around 20 minutes, a fire drill was called in order to evacuate all students from the building. At this time, most teachers and students had no information on why these instructions were given. After around 30 minutes outside, the school population was moved back into the building and most teachers and all students were put into the two gyms. 

Many students were confused and some began assuming as the incident unfolded.

“I thought it was a fire drill, well at first. But then I realized it could be something else since we went into the gym,” ninth grader Katie Plowman said.

“I was pretty certain that there was either a bomb or gun threat/school shooting threat like the Irish gang threat last year,” ninth grader Adrian Snezek said.

Then, at 12 p.m, eighth and ninth graders were dismissed from the gymnasium to their fourth period class and seventh graders were sent to lunch. The staff did then inform the students of the situation. An alert was also sent out to all parents from Paula Foreman notifying them of the incident.  

For the rest of the day,  bells were rung manually and classes were shortened.

Administrators have decided to withhold the exact words within the threat and the person who wrote it, but assure students that all is now well within the school.

“Obviously nothing was found,” Principal Lori Mangan said.

Additionally she thanked everyone for their response during the situation.

“I always know that we have the support of our staff, and everyone will do what is needed for the best of our students. Everyone pitched in to help us out. Please commend your students for their behaviors during this time frame. Everyone’s cooperation did not go unnoticed,” Mangan said.