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Kenny Chesney sings on stage. Courtesy of

Kenny Chesney sings on stage. Courtesy of

Artists of the week:

1. Kenny Chesney

2. Martina Mcbride

Summary of the top two below:

One of my favorite songs by Kenny Chesney is “There Goes My Life.” It is a very good song. He tells a story in this song. If you look the song up listen to the lyrics, and you will hear a story. He expresses his feelings in a lot of his songs. He has 15 albums, and all of them I enjoy his music. He never gives up, and that’s what is good to see in an artist.

Martina Mcbride is one of my favorite female country artists. If anyone knows John Mcbride that is her husband. Her music inspires me to be a better person. She got career from an opening act for Garth Brooks. That is when she became the most successful female country artist. Ever since then I’ve noticed her more. Her music is beautiful when she sings.

Facts about the above Artists:

Upcoming Concerts:

Kenny Chesney June 22. In Pittsburgh, PA.