Jaffa shrine circus legend continues


Chasity Brunner

The performing pig, Roscoe is trained by Hans Klose for the circus every year.

Jocelyn Fetter , Opinion editor

The circus is an action packed show that has pleased all ages for years. From a young age until now, I’ve always gotten excited when the circus comes to town. The circus is full of unordinary, extremely talented athletes.

Hours and hours of work and dedication are put into doing what these people love on a daily basis. These extraordinary people put everything they have into giving a good show.

On Thursday, I had the opportunity to go the Jaffa Shrine Circus with my colleagues Joleyna Martino  and Chastity Brunner.

Throughout the whole circus, they had lots of absolutely stunning acts including animals, unicycles, acrobats and people hanging from the ceiling doing lots of interesting never before seen in person stunts.

The show started off with the tigers, and we absolutely loved it. The tigers did lots of tricks, and it was definitely a treat for the audience. They had animals that we’ve seen before such as the tigers which have been there for as long as I can remember. They also had dogs, which have been recently added within the past few years, pigs, camels and the elephants. The elephants carried women on their backs while they danced and did tricks on their back and trunks. The dogs did flips on the pigs and jumped through and over hurdles. The camels ran in circles holding each others tails. The animals have never failed to amaze the audience of all ages, but this year, they brought the extra ‘dazzle’. The animals like us, are alike, but different in their own unique ways.

They also had a young man on a unicycle doing tricks. Parts of the act were on a 20 foot unicycle. This act truly had us on edge the entire time. The young man doing the tricks bounced on his tire up the stairs, bunny hopped on the top of the staircase on his unicycle, jumped onto a trampoline whilst on his bike and even rode down the stairs. The entire act was based around things your mom warns you not to do at home!

The title ‘acrobats’ is one word that describes so many different acts. The girls who hung from ropes and twirled mid air, the man who did tricks in a giant circular wheel, the woman who spun in the air from her hair and the family whose flips and tricks flew through the air from rope to rope right before our eyes. All contained different levels of skill and accuracy that take years of practice and dedication. The flips and twirls had us totally breath taken and on the edge of our seats during their entire circus.

If these acts weren’t enough to amaze us, one of the last acts of the show was something we all thought could only be seen on TV and in movies. As we sat watching, the host revealed what was behind the big red curtain. We saw a giant human cannon right before our eyes. Although we didn’t think they would actually do it, they did. They shot a human man out of a giant cannon!

Although the world will continue to change around us, and disappoint me as I get older, I know the one thing that will always please me and won’t change on me is the circus.