Seventh grade students face fears


Sadie Price

Students must learn to follow the bell schedule as they adjust to their junior high lives.

Alyssa Feather, Guest Reporter

 August 26, 2019 was the first day of school for students. For last year’s sixth graders this day was the first day of a new school and a new phase of life – junior high.  

“There were a lot of things that took some getting used to,”  seventh grader Taylor Feather said.  “The locker room was very new for me.  I had to get used to unlocking my lock and remember to lock it up so my gym uniform didn’t get taken.”

For seventh graders traveling from class to class and to different floors is a new experience.

“Another thing was getting to class on time,” Feather said. “I had my first day of gym Friday the first week of school. I had to be dressed and back up stairs before I was late.”

The new students had to get used to gym, all the stairs, getting to class on time and things like that. Students have a certain number of minutes between classes before they get marked tardy to class. 

Students must know where their buses drop them off in the morning and where they return.  Maps were hung around the building to assist students.

“My bus driver told us she would be the first bus at the stop sign and that made things a lot easier, but I didn’t know how many minutes there were from when the bell rings at the end of the day to when the bus leaves,” Feather said. 

The two cafeterias in the school were another new thing for incoming seventh graders.

“The first couple days of school our homeroom teachers took us down to the cafeterias,” Feather said.  “The minute I heard from my ninth grade sister that there were two cafeterias, I was afraid I would walk into the wrong one.”