Cyber school offers alternative education option for students


Myah Lear

The library offers a quiet place for cyber school students to work.

Alyssa Feather, Guest Reporter

 Being able to participate in the Altoona Cyber Academy became an option for many during the 2012-2013 school year, but it was only available to high school students. Now, the program has expanded and is available for junior high kids as well.

Students also get to participate in all activities in the school. Dances, sporting events, playing sports, being in clubs, it’s all available for students participating in the Altoona Cyber Academy.

“I think it’s cool because I can play football if I want while I’m cyber,” ninth grader Carter Brunner said.  

“I like how we still get to be included, and I like how I get to do my work when I want. It’s very cool and takes a lot of stress off of me,” seventh grader Taylor Feather said.

“I love being a part of the cyber program. It creates a learning environment where students can thrive if the traditional school setting does not suit them. I also think it’s awesome that students are able to participate in sports, clubs and other activities after the traditional school day. It allows them to still be a part of the school community and enjoy everything the AAJHS has to offer,” the ACA civics teacher Mackenzie Negri said. 

The kids in ACA don’t have any distractions and enjoy the cyber program. 

“I also think its a lot easier, and it’s way easier to focus on my work. I think cyber schooling is good and a lot more people should do it if they can’t do regular schooling,” Brunner said.

The teachers love the program as much as the students do.

“I think Altoona Cyber Academy is a great option for kids who would like an alternative form of education. It allows kids to have flexibility with their work and gives them another option other than the traditional brick and mortar school,” the ACA algebra teacher Julie Behe said. 

Cyber is different than regular school.Students have a certain amount of work to do and it gets turned in every Monday, unless the Monday is a holiday and then work will need turned in on the Tuesday after the Monday holiday.

“Cyber is different from actual school because you’re not in class with others and you aren’t talking/ talked to, and you don’t have to go anywhere. It does make it easier to focus on your work because nobody is around talking or distracting you. I like cyber school though at times it could get boring and frustrating,” seventh grader Jewel hicks said. 

Jewel Hicks and others would agree there are some disadvantages.

“It is a little harder because no one is explaining your work/helping you understand it better, but it’s also easier because you can go at your own pace, and don’t have distractions,” Hicks said.  

Teachers have office hours every Wednesday after school so students can meet with teachers and get help.The school library is also still open to students and can be used as a quiet work space.