Anime club makes changes

Eli Costanzo, Reporter

Anime Club started up the year again in November. Anime club runs from 2:50 p.m. and ends at 3:40 p.m.  

Anime club this year will be little different than last  year. With anime club having new groups of activities to do including: creating and writing manga and watching different types of anime. Some activities from previous years will still be included such as: card games, artistic groups and Japanese video games. 

Anime club meets at least one Thursday a month either at the beginning of the month or at the end of the month. Anime club is meant to be enjoyable and a place to hang out with friends and relax with people who also enjoy similar interests.

Anime club showed strong interest for the first meeting.

“I believe we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 55 to 60 on the first meeting,” adviser John Garlick said. 

Anime club has changed its organization and leadership.

“(The members are) divided up into communities by based interest and then we’re going to work in those communities to try and put out activities to the community. We have a group with artistic purposes, creating and writing your own manga, we have a group designated to screening different types of anime, that we could watch, we have a small group interested in the Japanese racing scene in the 80’s and 90’s,”  Garlick said.   

Anime club has students from previous grades return for multiple different reasons.

“I came back because I love that the art group there, they would judge your art but, in positive ways and negative ways telling you how can improve,” ninth grader Maxxine Butterbaugh said.

Butterbaugh will serve as president this year.

“Because I’m friends with a good bit of them. When you walk in there and get realized as president its like you get this feeling you’re helping a bunch of people and keeping the club alive,” Butterbaugh said. 

Many of last year’s group of people are coming back to learn or help continue learning about anime or help with anime related activities. 

“I wanted to get a few suggestions for anime,” ninth grade Skyler Balteshelton said. 

“Pretty fun, pretty encouraging, I felt pretty happy by them because I know a lot of them,”  Balteshelton said. 

People had different reasons for going to anime club, due to the activities they offer for the people who go there. 

“Probably to get better at drawing realistic pictures, so I hope artistic group could continue my problems,” Butterbaugh said. 

Although plenty of people couldn’t make it to the first meeting of anime club, the next meeting of anime club will be held Jan. 9.