Frozen show practice photo album

Clap clap!
In Feb. 25 , actors practice for the show by going over their rehearsal. They practiced for three hours straight.

Splash splash!
On Feb. 25, students paint the props for the Frozen show. The spent time painting to make it look like the movie.
Costumes for the play!
In Feb.25, Lydia Miller passes out the chosen costumes for the actors. She picked similar costumes to the movie.
On Feb. 25, Hannah Rucker paints the props. She mostly worked on the red parts.
On Feb. 25, Alayna Huss and Laura Reed sing Frozen songs to practice for the show. They sang and went over their lines.
Slam slam!!!
On Feb. 25, Cameron Krause and his friend Luke Noel play fake sword fight. They played to practice for the play.
Act out!
On Feb. 25, actors warm up in a circle to test their reaction times to sudden movements and lines. They warmed up to test out some important things.
On Feb. 25,  Angela Petrarca and the other actors practice their scenes. They went over the lines to practice for the show.
Knock knock!
On Feb. 25, Kiera Mayhue and Jay Hammel practice the behind closed doors scene. Jay filled in for an actor who wasn’t at that day’s practice.
Put on!
On Feb. 25, Christine Jordan helps Angela Petrarca to put on the microphone. Petrarca used the microphone to practice her lines.