News brief: Fire and Ice Dance


Vionna Jackson

Twin flames. Bring your special someone or friends to the dance! Buy your tickets next week.

The Fire and Ice Dance will be held in the cafeteria next Friday, Feb. 24 from 7-9 p.m. for eighth graders only. Tickets will be sold Feb. 21-Feb. 24 during the fourth period in room C212 or C267. They are $8 and will not be sold at the door. 

Tickets include admission and more.

“Tickets cover food and drinks too,” said eighth grade American cultures teacher Elizabeth Bronson.

To attend, you must be an eighth grade student of AAJHS; anyone else will not be permitted. 

Student ID’s are required to enter.

“If you do not have your ID, they will not let you in,” said Bronson. 

Come to the dance and have a blast!