Altoona schools play in String Spectacular

Myah Lear

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Myah Lear

Time to play! The orchestra prepares to play in their upcoming concert. The eighth grade ninth grade symphonic orchestra played Rites of Tamburo and Meadowlands.

The String Spectacular of 2020 took place on Feb. 20. The concert was performed by the elementary school all city orchestra, the junior high seventh grade orchestra, the junior high symphonic orchestra and the high school orchestra.

They performed the joint concert at Altoona High School.

“I think it went really well. There were a bunch of bumps on the way but we just kept on going,” ninth grader Abigail Scheinberg said.

Some of the symphonic orchestra expressed some displeasure with how they played.

“During one of our pieces we stopped for a little bit because the violins were ahead by two measures, but we came back together,” Scheinberg said.

“During our one song we were all going at a different tempo which wasn’t good,” ninth grader Jennah Nusom said.

A symphonic orchestra is made of some of the band and the eighth and ninth grade orchestra.

“I think the band makes the show more exciting and adds flavor to the performance,” Nusom said.

This year, the seventh graders played separately from the eighth and ninth grade orchestra.

“When seventh grade is placed with the eighth and ninth graders, they tend to be in over their heads. It is more of a stress for them than an enjoyable event. This year, they performed at a level they were comfortable with and had a much more rewarding experience,” junior high and high school orchestra director Kelly Detwiler said.

Most students expressed being excited for any more upcoming concerts.

“I hope to play in the orchestra at high school, so yes. I like to play with the orchestra but sometimes it’s challenging to play with people that are all at a different level of playing,” Nusom said.

During the concert, the first students to play were the elementary students.

“I think it’s good for elementary kids because if they’re going to be in the music department you have to get used to playing in front of people and with other people,” Nusom said..

The high schoolers were last to play in the concert.

“I thought the high school sounded great, and I think that it’s good to show the younger kids the junior high and the high school,” Nusom said.