FOR High Five Day encourages great day


Mykenzi Doran

FOR High Five Day encourages a great start to students’ days before school starts. Multiple FOR members organize to different locations around the school to greet children around the school as they head to class. FOR members during the high five day all gather around the main entrance and side door entrance of the school. While the rest of FOR members were spread around the rest of the school.

Friends of Rachel (FOR) encourages others to do good.  Out of the multiple ideas developed by the FOR community, an active school event called High Five Day occurs periodically at the start of the school day. 

High Five day is created for the purpose of giving students a morale boost before the school day has started. 

“So, we decided to do a high five day, because they wanted to spread the message of Friends of Rachel. What a better way…. of expressing emotions,” eighth grade guidance counselor Michele Holton said. 

Although High Five Day might be a simple thought, a good amount of thinking goes into formation and planning for high five days.

“What they do is come up with a date that would be a great time. Certain kids standing at certain sections while they wear bright orange t-shirts,” Holton said. 

High Five Day attendance varies depending on the season and weather and affects the students in the Friends of Rachel community. 

“Attendance for 1 out of the 5 days had a very great turnout,” Holton said.