News Brief: Food Truck Challenge


Photo courtesy of Brandy Juart

Chefs, set, cook! These items exhibit an example from a past Hawaiian theme food truck. Each class period has one group that will be winners.

 Brandy Juart’s food class starts to kick off their annual food truck challenge.

 The instructions of this challenge are simple: students will create a paper food truck with a theme and will then cook an array of foods. Students cannot make desserts, it has to be sample sizes of appetizers or entrees that are healthy and they must have a menu to display what all they’ve made. After everyone has tried and voted for a food truck that’s not their own, a winner will be declared and rewarded with a prize.

For three years, Juart has continued with this challenge and came up with the idea from a group on Facebook that she’s a part of with teachers all around the world. Juart said, “I am so excited to do this challenge again, but it will be difficult with Covid regulations.”

This challenge begins in May and provides a wonderful way for students to develop cooking skills. Students will surely have a great time competing in this challenge with classmates while having a great end to the school year as well. For more information on Juart, click here!