How Student Support Makes a Difference

Imagine running as fast as possible, crossing the finish line and finding out you just set the record! Then, you turn to the stands…it’s empty. There are barely any fans supporting you! This is sadly what our track and field athletes experience. 

We don’t have enough people who come support our runners, throwers, jumpers etc. Our main supporters are the athletes’ families. Occasionally, friends of the athletes will come too. We are so grateful for all of their support, but it would be amazing if we had more student support too! 

Track has many different events. Some might interest spectators more than others. Come support the athletes in those events. With more support, the season will be so much better; athletes will be more motivated, finish in higher places with faster times or longer distances and hopefully even win the championship at the end of the year.

Mattie Baker, an eighth grade hurdler, said, “I think I would rather have spectators. They motivate me more, like if someone one is watching me, I feel motivated to do good.”

Do your best! Baker is an eighth grade hurdler. Her favorite event to compete in is the 100 meter hurdles. (Miley Naugle)

Spectators help all of the athletes in multiple ways. It might be just seeing the people in the stands knowing you have support or being cheered on as you compete. 

Eighth grade distance runner Natalie Etters said, “I would like to have spectators. It helps kids know that they are being supported, to keep going. You know people are watching you, so you want to do your best.”

Don’t slow down! Etters is an eighth grade distance runner. During the fall she also runs on the cross country team. (Miley Naugle)

When I run the 3200 meter race, (two miles, which is eight laps on the track) it’s mainly an internal fight. Don’t get me wrong, it does hurt when I run, my legs ache and my lungs burn, but I struggle to keep my legs moving, to keep my fast pace and to not slow down. 

However, my mind fights itself telling me to go faster, but at the same time, it tells me I should just give up. When I hear the crowd cheering, all those thoughts go away. I just run! Fans help encourage me to keep going and not give up. 

Eighth grade jumper Adelyn Himmelwright prefers having spectators too.

You’re doing great! Himmelwright is an eighth grader who does the jumping events. She also participates in some sprinting events. (Miley Naugle)

Himmelwright said, “I like whenever they cheer because it makes me feel like I do better.”

Seventh and eighth grade head girls’ track coach Sam Solomon offers a different opinion however when it comes to fan support.

“I think there is a good number of spectators in the stands. I think most of the athletes have at least one parent if not both there to watch them compete,”  Solomon said.


He sees fan support from a different perspective.

Solomon said, “I think it is the same with almost every sport. Students just don’t attend sporting events for whatever reason. I just don’t think our student body attends many sporting events. Why that is I don’t know because that was not the case years ago.”


Even though some students have a lot going on after school and some may feel that they just don’t have the time to attend sporting events due to homework and other extracurricular activities. They should attend sporting events to support their friends. All of these athletes have something in common-they all prefer to have spectators. Spectators show our athletes that they are supported, and it gives them the motivation to do better.

You might be wondering what you get in return: you get to spend time cheering on your friends and make some amazing memories. You get the satisfaction of knowing you helped someone make it through the finish line. You get to see the smiles on peoples faces when they feel supported! 

The championship track and field meet is May 14 at 10:00 a.m. The team will compete against the best athletes from all nearby schools. 

Let’s try to get the most support this season that we have ever had. Come to support our track and field team at Mansion Park. We can’t wait to see and hear, you there!