Altoona Public Library Book Sale!


Madison Aboud

Bah humbug! “The Afterlife of Holly Chase,” by Cynthia Hand follows Holly Chase who is the new ghost of Christmas past. This book is just one of many that I picked up at the sale.

Puzzles and more! Boxes upon boxes of puzzles line tables in the library for the book sale. Not only did they have books, but they had puzzles and games as well! (Madison Aboud)
Strike a pose! Librarian Justina Fuller shows off a science fiction novel for the camera! The sale had books of all genres including science fiction and classics. (Madison Aboud )
Old, yet lovely. A collection of Washington Irving novels from the early 1900’s lines one of the shelves at the sale. Old novels from as early as 1950 to as far back as 1897 were up for grabs! (Madison Aboud)
Recipes for days! Two shelves completely full of cookbooks line the aisles of the sale. From diets to folk dishes, the shelves offered all and any types of recipes one could need. (Madison Aboud)
Don’t rain on her parade! Vinyl records from Barbra Streisand to the Beatles were for sale for only $1! Five boxes were on a table entirely full of records. (Madison Aboud)
All around the world! Books don’t only take readers to places around the United States, they take them all around the world! In the old novel “Lock and Key Library,” it takes readers as far as the Mediterranean. “Lock and Key Library” was only one of the many old story bind-ups set in far away places (Madison Aboud)
Movies for sale! Books aren’t the only thing being sold at the sale. Movies and VHR tapes were on sale as well. (Madison Aboud)
Puppies, diaries, wolves! Children’s books line an entire bookcase and more at the sale. Not only did they fill one bookcase, they filled an entire aisle! (Madison Aboud)
Books galore! Books stacked and filled boxes all along the floor of the library. Boxes were necessary as well to show off all the books for sale since the bookcases were all stocked! (Madison Aboud)
More for less! The stack of books I have from the sale sits proudly on my bookcase. I bought 10 books for only $10! (Madison Aboud)