What is the best school sporting event to watch?


Vionna Jackson

“My favorite school related sport to attend would probably be football since I coach eighth grade football, and I played football through high school and college,” said eighth grade teacher Dominic Williams.

“I like basketball because it’s my favorite sport, but I like going to football games because of the band though,” said seventh grader Haleigh Martyak. (Emmalee Martyak)


“Football, because I play that sport,” said eighth grader Luke Geishauser. (Ingrid Steward)


Eighth grader Baylin Smith said, “Girls basketball because they’re a lot more eventful than any of the other guys games I’ve been to, and I actually cheer a lot more at those. When I don’t cheer, those are the ones I usually go to because I can see more friends there because I’m friends with a lot more girls than guys.” (Gaby Sparacino)


Seventh grader Carmen Serrano said, “None, but if I had to choose one, it’d be swimming. It’s kind of fun.” (Kendy Lechner)


Eighth grader Seth Lieb said, “I like to go to football games and hang out with my friends.” (Conner Ryan)


Eighth grader Adrielle Mcneal said, “Football is my favorite sporting event to go to because I gets to watch my younger sister cheer for the school, and I get to hangout with my friends.” (Riley Glunt)


“Football games are the best to go to because you get to watch them play football, and you can watch the halftime show,” said eight-grader Lilly Stahlman. (Sophia Moran)