What’s one subject you hated as a kid? Why?


Vionna Jackson

“Art. I’m not artistic at all,” said eighth grade science teacher Sam Solomon.

Eighth grade English teacher Autumn Barry-Kyle said, “Math. Letters don’t belong in math. They need to stay in their lane.” (Giuliana Miller)
“The classes I didn’t like the most were probably math or science,” said seventh grade teacher Makayla Clemons. “I was just never a math or science person. It just never made sense to me. I always thought it was boring.”
(Sophia Moran)
“I had a health and physiology class my senior year. I would say I didn’t really like that class very much,” said seventh grade teacher Sara O’Roark. “I don’t think of myself as a person who was ever cut out to work in healthcare, but I always enjoyed the arts.” (Sophia Moran)
“I did not like chemistry, I thought that it was very difficult, and it didn’t make sense to me,” said orchestra teacher Kelly Detwiler. (Gaby Sparacino)
Seventh grade teacher Jessi Smith said, “Science mostly– well more specifically chemistry– I remember it being the hardest one. That was in high school, but I liked all of my other subjects.”
(Sophia Moran)
“Math was my worst subject. I was slow at it. I could get it eventually, but it was like the most frustration thing ever for me and that continued the whole way up until college.” (Vionna Jackson)