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How to Make Studying Fun

Some people think that it’s impossible to study while having fun, but here are some tips on how to make studying less boring.

 Teachers always seem to wonder why their students don’t study for big tests, or quizzes until the day before the actual thing. Whenever they do finally choose to study, do they always remember what they looked over?  Well in order to look over days of work in a short period of time, they have to be interested in it and actually want to study!  If you ever have trouble getting into what you are looking over while studying then try out one some of the tips below to make studying a breeze.

  • Listen to music:  Music is not only fun to listen to…but also easy to keep a rhythm with while studying.  Try to avoid songs with a lot of lyrics.  The lyrics may be a distraction to your studying.

  • Keep snacks near by:  Instead of getting up every time someone gets the munchies, keep snacks near by to re-energize your thinking process.

  • Make a game out of it (ex.Flash cards):  Using flashcards or making a game out of it would help spark an interest in your studying.

  • Study with a friend:  Having a friend around while studying encourages the thought process in studying.

  • Work in a positive environment:  Work somewhere where there are happy and positive vibes all around.

Trying some of these tips to make studying fun will help you in the long run with any studying that needs done for any tests and quizzes arriving in the near future.

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