Attitudes need adjusted

 Every day in the school hallway, in class and at lunch, students constantly hear teenagers criticizing their teachers.  Whether they don’t agree with a math concept, they were given a detention or they simply got off on the wrong foot, students at Altoona seem to be constantly holding grudges against their teachers, along with other students.

 Imagine sitting in class, learning about political parties in civics.  If one has a massive hatred for a teacher, he or she will not be enthusiastically about paying attention in class, as opposed to a student who enjoys the teacher.  This student’s attitude could result in a grade less than desirable for the student, all because they simply couldn’t get past their disliking for the teacher.

 Our generation has one major setback; we have no respect for individuals around us.  As compared to how teens were twenty years ago, we could easily be one of the worst-mannered generations.  We will be in for a rude awakening when we start searching for a job in a few years.  Local stores and restaurants are greatly in need of teens with a good attitude to work for their businesses, which is a trait that many teens are seriously lacking.

Not only are teens with bad attitudes looked down on by teachers and employers, they also affect other students.  We’ve all heard the quote “Your actions reflect others,” yet we continue to make the same mistakes which constantly impact those around us.  Simply giving someone a genuine smile, or saying something nice in the hallway can make a huge difference in the type of day a person is having.  However, our generation seems to be too uptight to even think of doing something nice for another person.  Not being able to do something, anything, nice?  Just picture your grandma shaking her head in dismay at this generation.

While our generation may be suffering from a lack of manners, there is still a way to solve this.  Simply showing appreciation for teachers and smiling at someone in the hall not only lightens their mood, but also your own.  As it has always been said, it is always the happiest people that care for others.