Editorial: Students should be allowed to walk around at sporting events!


Illustration courtesy of Riley Glunt

Down… Set… Hut! This picture describes how the student section has too many rules. Students have the most negative thoughts about Altoona football games, and have many changes they wish to make.

The students pleading with anger towards not having the freedom to walk around at sporting events is immense. Still, the school puts students in an annoying and frustrating position. Kids want to have fun, and that’s what they should be doing! They are young, and they have to live it up! 


Things happen, and sometimes can’t be controlled, but they have done this for years! We feel that students should have the option to sit in the student section as well as being able to walk around during sporting events.


 Kids in past years have stated that they only went to sporting events for socialization, and to walk around. Students today will miss out on their opportunity to have that fun and excitement. Adults know more than anyone that being a kid as long as possible is very important. How can kids be kids if they are never allowed to breathe? Sometimes adults have to take a few giant… maybe astronomical, steps back. They put so much on the kids that they can’t talk to people or socialize at all.


Parents and teachers today tend to shield their kids away from the “bad stuff” in the world. Although understandably, they are just trying to protect us, but we don’t always need it. Students need those fun memories to look back at. Keeping them locked up in a seat won’t solve anything. They are missing out on all those fun memories and opportunities by sitting in the bleachers. They just don’t know the full potential of their enjoyment.


Kids are always hungry. During the game, students aren’t allowed to leave the bleachers for food without having to wait! What would happen if a student had to go to the bathroom badly, and couldn’t? We would have a mess to clean up. The poor students can’t get their refreshments or go to the bathroom!


Some could say that students aren’t safe if they’re walking around at events, or that it’s unnecessary. People will tend to throw everything away when it comes to their child and the child’s safety.


We have to all understand each other’s sides of the story. Maybe instead of adults being so pushy, they could ease up. Kids should also understand that adults are trying to do what’s best. To help the conflict, teachers could monitor students outside of the bleachers. They could get more staff on the job in case of an emergency.


Schools should let kids have their freedom during school events. Even kids have to be kids once in a while, but apparently, that may be too much to ask.